Thursday, September 6, 2012

rpm command cheat sheet for Linux

rpm is a powerful Package Manager for Red Hat, Suse and Fedora Linux. It can be used to build, install, query, verify, update, and remove/erase individual software packages. A Package consists of an archive of files, and package information, including name, version, and description:

rpm -ivh {rpm-file}
Install the package
rpm -ivh mozilla-mail-1.7.5-17.i586.rpm
rpm -ivh --test mozilla-mail-1.7.5-17.i586.rpm
rpm -Uvh {rpm-file}
Upgrade package
rpm -Uvh mozilla-mail-1.7.6-12.i586.rpm
rpm -Uvh --test mozilla-mail-1.7.6-12.i586.rpm
rpm -ev {package}
Erase/remove/ an installed package
rpm -ev mozilla-mail
rpm -ev --nodeps {package}
Erase/remove/ an installed package without checking for dependencies
rpm -ev --nodeps mozilla-mail
rpm -qa
Display list all installed packages
rpm -qa
rpm -qa | less
rpm -qi {package}
Display installed information along with package version and short description
rpm -qi mozilla-mail
rpm -qf {/path/to/file}
Find out what package a file belongs to i.e. find what package owns the file
rpm -qf /etc/passwd
rpm -qf /bin/bash
rpm -qc {pacakge-name}
Display list of configuration file(s) for a package
rpm -qc httpd
rpm -qcf {/path/to/file}
Display list of configuration files for a command
rpm -qcf /usr/X11R6/bin/xeyes
rpm -qa --last
Display list of all recently installed RPMs
rpm -qa --last
rpm -qa --last | less
rpm -qpR {.rpm-file}
rpm -qR {package}
Find out what dependencies a rpm file has
rpm -qpR mediawiki-1.4rc1-4.i586.rpm
rpm -qR bash

{package} - Replace with actual package name

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