Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MariaDB 5.3 is now GA(Comptitor of MySQL)

MariaDB 5.3 is now GA

This is another, in-case-you-missed-it, but it is definitely worth mentioning again:
MariaDB 5.3 is now GA
So, if you’re using MariaDB 5.1 or 5.2, I’d definitely recommend upgrading to the new MariaDB 5.3.
Also, if you’re a Windows user using MySQL 5.1, I’d highly consider making the switch to MariaDB 5.3 due to all of the Windows-specific improvements in it.
MariaDB 5.3 Enhancements:
  • Subquery optimizations
  • Semi-join subquery optimizations
  • Non-semi-join optimizations
  • Subquery Cache
  • Subquery Optimizations Map
  • Optimizations for derived tables and views
  • Disk access optimization
  • Join optimizations
  • Index Merge improvements
  • Optimizer control
  • NoSQL-style interfaces
  • Group commit for the binary log
  • Replication and binary logging enhancements
  • Microsecond support for NOW() and timestamp, time, and datetime columns
  • Windows performance improvements
  • And a number of other general improvements
MariaDB 5.3 Windows-Specific Performance improvements include:
  • Backported Windows performance patches from MySQL 5.5
  • Asynchronous IO in XtraDB is redesigned and is now faster, due to the use of IO completion ports
  • Additional durability option for XtraDB : innodb_flush_method can now be O_DSYNC, like on Unixes. (The effect of using this option is that the log file is opened with FILE_FLAG_WRITETHROUGH, and FlushFileBuffers() is not done. This may improve speed in write-heavy scenarios.)
  • A new Windows MSI installer
  • Includes a GUI-tool, HeidiSQL
All of the above, and more are documented in further detail here:
You can download it here:
(And just for reference, if running MariaDB you should probably keep your eye on the new MariaDB 5.5 too (5.5.20 was alpha, 5.5.21 is now beta), benchmarks here).

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